Sunday, 18 November 2018

The First Interactive Credit Card To Be Launched In The Country, By Pressing The Button Will All Work

The country's digital banking sector has been consistently low. Most banks are continuously adding new features to their debit and credit cards, which will not cause any kind of problem in their experiment. Some private banks in the country are now coming out with some good features in the card, which are not available in other bank cards.

Now the cards of some banks will not need to swipe into a Point of Sale (POS) machine. The country's first interactive credit card has also been launched in this order.

This card contains Button, Battery:

IndusInd Bank, which is involved in the private sector's main banks, has recently launched the first such credit card, which runs on battery. Because this card has a lot of good buttons, so many more work will be done. This card will make it easy for people to shop for.

These good features are in the card:

This card offers 3 types of payment options for shopping. The bank has launched Mastercard on the payment gateway. Customers can purchase goods on POS machines after purchasing, either by reward payment or on EMI. For which the customer has to press some of the buttons on the card. If the customer buys goods on the EMI, then in 6, 12, 18 or 24 months payment option will be available. The card also has LED lamps, which are turned on just after pressing the button.

Many more offers available:

Apart from this, customers will get a lot of other offers if they use the card. There will be no charge at the time of paying petrol. Book tickets, airport lounges access will also be available. Customers do not have to contact any type of paperwork or later banks.

Debit-Credit facility on one card:

For the first time in the country, a card has been launched, which can be used for both debit and credit. Those who get the benefits will be able to use a credit card for shopping and a debit card to withdraw money.

For the first time two chip cards:

This card has two EMV chip. With this, two magnetic strips are also placed in the card. Customers will get a statement from using both cards. Customers will also get reward points together. This will give customers the convenience and keep two cards. IndusInd Bank said in a statement that this card has been made by anagram technique. According to Sumant Kathpalia, the bank's consumer backing, our focus has always been to increase customer convenience.
source :- vtv news

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