Thursday, 6 December 2018

55 lakh applications against 23 thousand government jobs, 233 youths for 1 space

Meranews Network.Gandhinagar: In Gujarat, 15 lakh students appear in board exams, in which in the year 2017, 124-standard arts-commerce-science stream passed 6.44 lakh students and 3.94 lakh students passed and these 4 lakh students passed the government Qualifying for the job of class-3 and in this situation the government only employs up to 7,000 young people. Pay is there.
According to this figure, it can be estimated that in the last 10 years, in the last 10 years, 40 lakh students have passed 12th standard (HSC) examination, government requests are issued for government jobs announced and in many cases a youth or girl makes about 3 to 4 applications. There are 5 thousand rupees in the year as a part of the fees and the cost of the examination and the cost of examination and in such cases when the applicant Tani age limit from 18 to 30 years (especially in the case of relaxation of age limit given the late announcement)

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Gujarat Legislative Assembly leader Paresh Dhanani said on the issue that, "The official answer we received from the unanimous question of the assembly is that in the last two years, only 12 thousand jobs were given by the state government and when Chief Minister Vijay Rupani did not reply with this, we told the government that White The paper can not even answer the government's response to employment.

In the state, 23,755 posts for the state government's Class-3/4, Surat Municipal Corporation, GSRTC and other exams were released in two years, of which 55.36 lakh applications were received. This means that there are 233 applicants on average for only 1 space and the remaining applicants wait for government jobs only by exam fees books and other expenses.

SOURCE Dhunt News report
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