Wednesday, 16 January 2019

How to Check Report in Online Marks Entry

How to Check Report in Online Marks Entry

Ekam Kasoti Online marks entry ma Report kevi rite josho.

1. Open Tema niche mujab na menu jova malshe.

2. Tema 4th Line ma Periodical test par Click karo. athva aa link par Click karo.Tyarbad niche mujab nu Screen dekhase.

3. Uparni Screen mujab tamari school no Dise code , Password and Capcha code nakhi Log in karo. tyar bad niche mujab ni screen dekhashe.

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4. Upar ni Screen ma SSA GUJARAT ni agal 3 Line chhe ena par click karo. ema EXAM MARKS ma niche Report Par Click karo.

5. ema Date, Dhoran, varg, Subject select kari Report joi shakashe.

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