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January 26 Dikari Smruti Patra

January 26 Dikari Smruti Patra
"January 26, 1950 is a very important day in Indian history because on that day the Constitution of India came into effect and India became a 'republican nation' in true sense. On this day, India became a fully governed country and ultimately the Mahatma Gandhi and the country's independence To give a dream to many freedom fighters, therefore, to declare the national festival on January 26th. And since the days of India was celebrated as "Republic Day".

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Today, Republic Day is celebrated more enthusiastically in different countries, especially in the capital, New Delhi, where the country's President begins to celebrate with the address. The beginning of the celebration is always done by paying tribute to the martyrs who always give life to the freedom of the country. Thereafter, the President gives prizes and medals to the soldiers of the armed forces who show exceptional courage in their field and those who are specialized in heroic acts despite their different circumstances.

   Every year a grand parade is organized to show the importance of this occasion in the capital Delhi, from Rajghat to Vijayapatha. Different Regiment of Army, Navy and Air force parades full sages and their official attire. Even horses of the cavalry, in accordance with the occasion, are attractively decorated. India is invited to participate in this program by selecting the good NCC cadet from different areas of the country. Also selected children from the schools in the capital are invited here

January 26 Smruti Patra


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