Thursday, 24 January 2019

WhatsApp's new feature, the mobile battery will be 43% less used

WhatsApp is now ready to launch a new feature. The feature name is Dark Mode. This feature has long been waiting for this feature. Dark Mode has been spotted on both Android and iOS platforms. Now the dark mode feature came against the alleged concept image. This image can be projected from what the WhatsApp Dark Mode would be like..

Keeping in mind the new updates and new features of WhatsApp, WABetaInfo has posted a screenshot of the Concept image of Dark Mode on Twitter. This is not the first time that, when WhatsApp came in front of a photo of Dark Mode. Even before this, the photos have come up against. WhatsApp's new feature will darken the background of WhatsApp chat. This feature will be similar to the available Dark Mode available on Youtube, Twitter, Google Maps and other apps..

According to the report about Dark Mode, users can edit this feature manually as needed. Another report claims that WhatsApp will give an option so that the dark mode will be automatically activated at the time set by the users. However, there is no official information about this on WhatsApp. Dark mode has now become part of the by default system. This latest Android 9.0 pie operating feature is an important feature. This feature has a lot of work if the user is using the phone in less light mode.

It is also said that this feature enhances the battery life of the smartphone. Google has already said that 43% less battery is used in dark mode, which increases its battery life..


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